This upcoming weekend has a lot going on for people of many faiths, and what better way to explore all these old traditions than through the use of modern technology? Here are our picks for the best Easter and Passover apps 2012.

Easter App Hunt – Free
Crack open some eggs to win more free mini-game apps with the Easter App Hunt app. Granted, you could hunt for all the free mini-games in iTunes yourself, but what’s the fun in that?











Egg Dyeing 101 from Martha Stewart Living – $0.99 (US)

Fancy up your egg dyeing party with this gorgeous app from Martha Stewart Living. Browse a gallery of 101 eggs then tap the one you want to make to reveal detailed how-tos complete with step-by-step photos and videos. Even learn to make eggs that look like animals!










Haggadah for Passover – $0.99 (US)

If this is your first time conducting the ritual “Haggadah” at this year’s Passover Seder, this app may help ease your nerves. Haggadah is a religious text that sets out the elements and order of the Seder ritual, which includes numerous blessings The Haggadah app helps you to easily navigate your way through the ritual and even includes instructions as to when each cup of wine needs to be drunk. Another great feature is that the blessings are provided in Hebrew and in English.









Kosher Cookbook – $1.99 (US)

“If your grandmother could build iPhone apps, she might produce something like Kosher Cookbook”, says Time Out NY. With over 300 recipes including 150 images created and developed by an expert in Kosher cooking, Gloria Kobrin, this apps makes cooking a Kosher feast for this year’s observance even easier. The good news is, if you plan on keeping your family and friends kosher-fed year-round then this app, complete with recipes and a handy shopping list feature, will provide you with a bang for your buck for a long time to come.








How Jewish Are You? – $0.99 (US)

Do you know what you do at Yom Kippur? Or what happens on Shabbat? Test your family’s knowledge of the Jewish faith with this entertaining app. It may seem a little hokey, but answering some of these questions may help you figure whether you’re really tuned in to your faith, or whether you need to go back to your Rabbi for some much needed additional lessons!