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Today’s keynote interview at SXSWi is with Twitter co-founder @Ev.?  A much anticipated announcement, the news of the @anywhere platform is currently flooding the news wires and we’re dog-earring as fast as we can.

Ev Williams Launches “At Anywhere” Platform At SXSW, from the Twitter Blog:
We’ve developed a new set of frameworks for adding this Twitter experience anywhere on the web.?  Imagine being able to follow a New York Times journalist directly from her byline, tweet about a video without leaving YouTube, and discover new Twitter accounts while visiting the Yahoo! home page—and that’s just the beginning.

Twitter CEO Evan Williams Speaks at SXSW [LIVE COVERAGE] by Mashable
Williams announces a new platform for integrating Twitter (Twitter) features for websites. It lets user follow an account (like Mashable) directly from a third-party site. This helps solve Twitter’s “discoveryâ€? problem of finding interesting people to follow.?  Williams says this should help websites gain more followers and have more people who are your fans using Twitter and talking about your content.

Ev Williams Talks Twitter Live At SXSW by TechCrunch
Below find my live notes (paraphrased):
UH: So what can you do with this [@ Platform]?
EW: You can easily tweet from any page that is using this. Also, maybe you want talk to authors of posts without going to Twitter itself, you can just hover over their name and tweet them. Twitter is a very easy way to keep in touch.

As we followed the speaker’s remarks on Twitter (by watching the #sxsw Twitter stream here) we discovered Williams say that Twitter.com was not meant to be a customer service platform, citing @HootSuite as an example of a great alternative! Our favourite tweet:

LaneAndrew: @ev gives a big shout out to our western Canadian friends @hootsuite. Twitter crashes from the resulting tweets of excitement. #sxsw #irony

We’re also really excited about our Invoke at SXSW interactive page.?  See filtered SXSW only tweets (#sxsw) and watch short video diary entries.?  Got something to say??  Reply them, quickly and easily.