• SEO 2.0-Blogging, one way linking, virals

    Reciprocal linking (exchanging a link from another site to your site) has recently been depreciated in the latest Google update titled Jagger. This is likely to depreciate the effect of sites that massively spam directories to get an enormous amount of links in order to increase perceived popularity by Google. One way links (links that go to your site and you don’t link back) have not been as depreciated with this update.

Posted by Jenn Lowther

One way to think about how this is going to work is a cup of water with the cup being your website and the water being your perceived popularity by Google. Every site that links directly to you is a drop of water in the cup, every site you link to is a drop of water out. If a site links in and you link out to the same site the net result is +1-1=0, no change.

The goal then is to build one way links to your site. How do you do we do this for our clients?

  1. Blogging/Content Creation – Sites need to be actively promoting their product and service. A blog is a great way to do this. Blogs are syndicateable. Through syndication webmasters and other bloggers can pick up your feed to be featured on their website. By featuring you on their website a link is created and your site will get another drop. Now if your articles are great, you’ll be picking up a lot of droplets of popularity (maybe enough to fill up a cup!)
  2. Directory requests – By requesting links in directories and other one way linking sites our team builds page popularity to client sites. Sites that are more contextually relevant to your site will give you a better linking credit (larger droplet) by search engines.
  3. Viral creation – A lot of sites will create small viral advertisements (a funny movie clip or hoax) which can be emailed to client/newsletter lists. If these virals are clever enough they will spread like a virus (hence viral). These are more expensive than the first two options, but can be a very powerful marketing tool.

If you need assistance with creating an effective campaign, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

~ May your cup always be 1/2 full (at least)