Ever wonder how you can participate in or celebrate Veterans Day? Wonder no more! We just launched a new Facebook App for the Iraq and Afganistan Veterans of American (IAVA), a week before the holiday.
The IAVA app raises awareness around Veterans Day and allows anyone to get involved by “marching online” and sharing stories their Twitter or Facebook statuses. Once you “like” IAVA’s Facebook page, you gain access to the app, which shows a leaderboard of the number of donated Twitter or Facebook statuses by state, and lets you to share and customize a message showing your support and your “march” online for Veterans Day!
IAVA has already made great strides in social media (recently getting over 10,000 signatures on a petition ONLY using social media), and now they’re kicking off their most important day of the year with a Facebook app — lowering the barrier to participation for anyone online and leveraging an awesomely active and enthusiastic Facebook page community, with over 160,000 “likes.”
Check out the app and more details in coverage from Mashable, AllFacebook and USA Today.