I moved from New York City just one month before starting at Invoke as managing director of our agency side, and looking back I’m pretty sure I didn’t fully comprehend just what it meant to join this team. But as I started asking around about Invoke, I quickly understood that if Vancouver is a village, then Invoke is one of the chiefs.

Once I figured out that the name meant something, I then needed to discern what we did and how my role would support it. I was swiftly informed by a bunch of millennials that, “we do cool digital stuff and are always changing, in a good way.” That was that: my mission was to keep doing what we do, and help grow the team and client base.

So what have I learned in my time with Invoke:

  • Innovation comes from clients who are open to it and people who are passionate about new solutions.
  • The most effective way to solve problems usually doesn’t involve a process, committee or 20-person team.
  • Being a grown up isn’t always a good thing.
  • Digital is a passion, not a belief.
  • You’re only as strong as the team around you.
  • The stronger your team, the more you collectively are able to accomplish.

Armed with these insights, I feel I’m now ready to leave this group of digital native coloured-pants-wearing hipsters and move onto another group of digital savvy yoga-pant-wearing gurus at Lululemon. I will be going back to my roots of global brand storytelling and brand growth – and, more specifically, to my favorite niche of “passion brands” that evoke a rare emotion that so many companies strive to achieve.

So it’s with a heavy heart and an opportunistic smile that I write this post. What I have learned at Invoke has been invaluable and I can’t say enough good things about the team here. I can’t wait to see what innovative ideas they’ve got in store in the coming months.