Oh the times they are a-changin’. In case you missed it, last week we announced the launch of our dedicated product incubation arm, Invoke Labs, and this week we’re proud to announce some more great news: Michael Smit has joined the team as CEO of Invoke Media!

Over a very special “Welcome to Invoke” Waffle Friday last week, we had the chance to get to know the man who’ll be leading the charge …

Post secondary: Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Victoria, an immensely rewarding experience that, strangely enough and at two completely unrelated work terms, had me coordinating the delivery of army rations and soda.

Michael Smit worked for Coca-Cola for a short period of time in the last century.

Previous work experience: Most recently five years launching and building Academy, the digital creative agency within the Blast/Wunderman network. Previously to that, I spent six years at Blast Radius proper primarily building and growing the Nike global account with a stop along the way creating and directing a sports documentary called Carmelo’s Way. Going way back to 1998, I officially started my agency career at Modem Media in London after hacking together a few websites for local BC businesses with dozens of users in the mid 1990’s.

Why he’s excited to be at Invoke: There’s a really innovative team here, and the opportunity to create our own destiny. Having been through a few agencies that have grown and managed the change from independent shop to part of a bigger network, I hope I can bring several life’s worth of lessons to the table. I also feel there is a huge opportunity to blend the best of what we were doing at Academy in digital marketing, content creation, storytelling, and gaming, with the innovation of Invoke to do some mind-blowing work.

Where he thinks this crazy, hyper-connected world is headed: That’s a loaded question. Thankfully it also kind of answers itself. This world is truly crazy and hyper-connected, with the former being a state of perception, and the latter being the catalyst. What I mean by that is the world we see and engage with – it’s crazier, funnier, scarier, smaller (yet seemingly packed with more), and more available than ever before. And that’s due to hyper-connectivity and the all-seeing, all-knowing perception that we have of this world around us. Is it better or worse than it might have seemed to someone 40 years ago? That’s debatable, but it’s almost certain that if they had the connectivity we have today, continuing with our example, the 1973 “crazy” rating would have been several times greater than it was. What it boils down to is that the increasing transparency and visibility that the networked world creates becomes both fuel and fire – or to borrow a phrase – medium and message, for the human story. Which, when you think about it, is a pretty awesome thing.

Favourite activities: Family time, board sports, running, swimming, cycling, yoga, trying to get rid of stuff, eating good food, drinking good drink, taking cool photos, doing anything with these photos, and building things around the house.

Cool fact: For anyone that’s familiar with the invokemedia.com site circa 2002, you can sneakily find my name in some of the archived news reports, and if you keep refreshing some of the pages, you might just see my own silhouette appear here and there.

Please join us in welcoming Michael Smit to the team.

Download the full press release here