We may be biased, but we think we’ve got some of the best (and brightest) friends and followers around, which is why we’re excited to bring you a new weekly feature: The Friday Five. Every week, we’ll provide a short list of the most captivating reads as determined by our social media community.

HootSuite Owly

1) Mark Wilson shows how one company is hijacking corporate logos to illuminate some hard-to-swallow truths. (FastCo.Design)

2) HootSuite ups the ante, raising a staggering $165M Series B Round from Insight, Accel and Omers. (TechCrunch)

3) Molly Mulshine blows the lid off take-out containers with a report on a new app for trading leftovers. (BETA Beat)

4) Shameless plug alert: Invoke Labs COO Keith Ippel makes a compelling case for disrupting demo days. (Fast Company)

5) Paul Boag eloquently explains the not-so-subtle differences between writing digital and business strategies. (Smashing Magazine)

What were some of your favourite reads this week? We always appreciate a good recommendation.

Photo credit: Leo Reynolds, Flickr