The stats are in folks, and we’ve got a brand new round of links for this week’s Friday Five. It’s the hottest chart since Carson Daly was running TRL. So give these five links some solid perusal time this weekend.

1) The boss man got the number one spot in the analytics. Invoke CEO Michael Smit wrote this week about the digital renaissance we’re currently experiencing and how this levels the playing field when it comes to information access and innovation. Also, he called this company the “Blue Man Group of digital”, so that was cool.

2) With the launch of the new iPhone and the official release of iOS 7, these best practice design tips for the new operating system was a hit.

3) Just the very idea that NASA is now on Instagram was enough to get the Invoke audience riled up these week. Hopefully no one is disappointed that the astronauts aren’t just taking pictures of space brunch.

4) Even though Google is known for its engineering culture, there seems to be some art in their bones. Read these poems, written with the help of the autocomplete on Google Search.

5) Recognizing the value in video content is old news, but analyzing the pros and cons of uploading your video to YouTube or Facebook has more room for debate.

As always drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter with any interesting stuff you read this week. Remember, we give credit where credit is due. Have a great weekend everyone.