Another week cruising the web, another five awesome links for you. Usually we set aside one per day, but thanks to Labour Day you’re getting 1.2 links per day. Talk about a great deal. Without further ado, here are the five most popular, most interesting, or otherwise noteworthy links from the week.

1) A two-man crew called Raptiv has taken to Kickstarter so that they can kill the mouse. Not the animal. No, what they’re doing is engineering a motion-tracking gadget that can support multi-touch and make that hunk of plastic in your hand irrelevant. (FastCoDesign)

2) When an airline loses our bags we all do exactly what this guy did, right? We buy promoted Tweets so that we can target all our spiteful comments about the airline to everyone that follows the airline’s official Twitter account. Oh wait, Maybe just that one guy does it. (Yahoo! Finance)

3) Airlines seem to be a sore spot, as at number 3 on the charts we have a case study of failed community management from an airline paired with a concise list of dos and don’ts for community managers. (Social Media Today)

4) Hashtags may finally be functional on Facebook, but it appears that they may be hurting your potential reach. (The Next Web)

5) Inspired by the viral video “The Fox” from Ylvis, Seth Godin reminds us all that aspiring to be viral has it’s own drawbacks. Also worth clicking if you haven’t seen the video yet. (Seth’s Blog)

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