We are pleased to announce that HootSuite has been recognized by Backbone Magazine and KPMG as one of the Top 20 Web 2.0 companies driving innovation and changing the way we use the internet.

Upon reviewing HootSuite, Michael O’Connor Clark, VP at Thornley Fallis Communications, says,

“Once again Canadian innovation in the social media universe blows my mind. HootSuite is one of those solutions that’s so good you don’t really realize how much you need it until you start using it.”

All we can say is thank you! (Although we are fighting back a mischievous smile, anticipating the reaction to what the new HootSuite has to offer in the very near future.)

To read the entire article and to view the entire list of ranking companies, go here. The print edition of this article will also be available in the July/August issue of Backbone Magazine and in the Globe and Mail on July 28th, 2009.