We’re geeking out over the website we launched last week for Layer 7 Technologies. Check out APIfy, a quick and simple API publishing and management system that gets things up and running in hours.

What does APIfy do? We’ll let them explain:

APIfy aims to help organizations open up APIs to developer communities, in a fast, simple and secure way. APIs promise to help organizations drive new revenue and reach across mobile and cloud. They can also make organizations more responsive to changing customer needs by giving them the data and application access they need, when they need it. But understanding best practices for opening up APIs to outside communities can be daunting. APIfy distills the lessons from over 10 years of experience gained at Layer 7 Technologies into a simple-to-configure, all-cloud API Management-as-a-Service offering.

The team at Invoke not only built the website, but we also developed the brand identity for the project, including logo, colour palette and fonts.

In particular, we love the animation piece with the icons and the continuous animation appearing throughout the site. Everything in the hero banner is playing off an infographic feel.

While creating the website was a fun challenge as always, it’s an especially fun experience for our team to work with a company on branding for this new service. Branding is the first impression users encounter when they engage with APIfy (or any product) and it really helps define how people when they interact with the site.  Is it fun, is it corporate, does it have a start-up feel? Layer 7 was looking for elements that conveyed a certain tone – fresh, young, start-up, cool, infographic-like – and it was our job to bring it to life.

Take a look at the site and let us know in the comments what you think of the design and branding. And of course, for you developers, play around with APIfy!